Looking  for a Total Immersion Spanish Language experience?

Welcome to “Español Ya!”  We offer you  personalized language study along with an unforgettable cultural experience in beautiful Antigua, Guatemala.  We take your learning seriously but also make it fun, offering you a range of activities which strengthen your language skills while introducing you to the Spanish culture all at the same time.  Your satisfaction is the key to our success—we look forward to proving to you that at “Español Ya!” you will learn Spanish—“Ya!” (now!)

Three Good Reasons To Study In Antigua Guatemala
1. Guatemala is an ideal location to learn Spanish. The people here speak with a neutral accent and clear pronunciation, which allows vistors to share our local traditions and customs.

2. Antigua is very safe, calm and welcoming, and living here is reasonable. The people are very kind and will make you feel at home.

3. Antigua´s small size makes it easy to walk from your host family or accommodation to school, and you are never far from your destination.